We are looking for a front-end (WordPress) developer

Written by vloo

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As more and more clients come knocking at our door for building their websites from the ground up, our good friend Emil Georgiev gets overburdened with all the work that we throw at him in his role of a front-end developer. It’s high time we find another colleague to support him in this field, so here we are looking for an experienced front-end developer, ideally with some experience in WordPress, although this is something we could teach anyone along the way. Following is the job listing we’ve already published here and there:

About us:

Previously known as Shtrak, SymbiOpen is a 12-year old web agency, based in Sofia, in the process of changing its course from developing one-time projects for various clients to building long-term symbiotic relationships with our clients by providing web-tech expertise, listening to their needs and sometimes taking proactive measures aiming at protecting or enhancing out clients’ business interests.

The ideal candidate must:

– have excellent knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3;

– have professional experience with JavaScript development;

– know modern front-end best practices and standards and have the habits to keep this knowledge up-to-date;

– maintain their code in a compatible to modern browsers and mobile devices state;

– be capable of using at least one of the following: Photoshop, Figma, InVision, or other similar software;

– have good command of written English;

– be an active user of SASS or LESS in their work;

– have the habit of keeping their code in a VCS, preferably Git;

– have at least 1 year of professional experience in web development;

– have good understanding of the principles of good UI and UX in web and mobile environments;

As there aren’t perfect people, nor developers, we might consider interviewing folks who are missing a few of the listed requirements.

“Good-to-have” technologies and skills:

– WordPress (or other CMS);

– Linux or MacOS as a development environment;

– Bootstrap, Foundation or other front-end framerk(s);

– know how, why and when to use Gulp, Composer, Grunt or Webpack;

– browser-side performance optimization;

– PHP development experience or some knowledge in using the language for the web;

Even if you are missing some of these our work together would be a push for you to learn most of them, so bear it in mind. We would love to hear of your plans of learning any of items on the “Good to have” list, in case you’ve already planned it.

Most of the responsibilities would be:

– slicing designs and building templates for new sites, based mostly on WordPress;

– customizing and enhancing user interfaces in web applications for our clients or internal projects;

– helping your team-mates whenever your knowledge and experience allows it;

– not holding back feedback on anything in the work that you believe should be done in another way;

Some of the benefits include:

– flexible working hours;

– fully-remote work with an office in the center of Sofia, in case you’d prefer to see the people you are working with now and then;

– reduced work week after the first six months (depending on the performance and level of independence at work);

– freedom for picking the technologies to be used in some of the projects, depending on your experience;

– food vouchers;

– respect and support for volunteering initiatives;

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, drop us a line here. Yes, there is no file-upload field, so we are (obviously) hoping that products of your work are already present online and could be reviewed by us, be it public GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab accounts, personal website, online portfolio, or even an up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

Yet again, you could apply by email and attach anything extra that is not for the public web.